Mrs Laurie Tyree

Dear parent,

Thank you for your interest in our half day kindergarten class. I hope the information you find here gives you a good idea of my program. If not, feel free to contact me via email or on the phone.

I am an experienced, state certified teacher with a BFA in painting from the San Francisco Art Institute and a Masters in Education from Bank Street College of Education in New York City. Before moving to Maplewood in 1995 I taught First Grade at The Berkeley Carroll School in Park Slope, Brooklyn.

I approach education as an art form as well as a science. I have learned that the best way to engage a child’s creative mind is to create an environment that invites children to get involved, experiment, imagine and interact with a variety of open ended materials as well as the natural environment, as individuals, with a partner or in groups. I believe that class size matters. Children feel more at ease in small groups where they are allowed to play, create and interact almost like a family, every school day.

My goal is to create an environment where children feel safe to explore, observe, come to conclusions and express their ideas. Where we all get to know each other and come to appreciate each one’s unique qualities. My intention is to empower my students with the knowledge that they can see and think and feel for themselves and in so doing discover the marvelous natural and cultural world that they are heir to.

Thanks again,

Laurie Tyree

Who is eligible for this program?

Kinderenrichment accepts children whose 5th birthday is on or before March 31, 2019.


KE Playground


The curriculum

The curriculum of Kinderenrichment includes reading, writing, literature, math, science, social studies, art, Spanish, drama, music and physical education.

Social studies and science themes such as life cycles in the natural world (ie. Plants, insects, animals, water) engage children’s curiosity and create meaningful opportunities to read, write, count, measure, draw, paint, sing, experiment and solve problems.

Our students approach new academic concepts in a variety of playful ways. Math, for instance, is taught experientially through interaction with every day objects, as well as specially designed manipulatives (ie. Unit Blocks, Pattern Blocks, Unifix Cubes, Geoboards, etc…) Math concepts are illustrated in books we read, art projects, songs we sing, games we play and stories we make up.

There are so many ways to make learning fun and interesting. That is what this program strives to do every day.



For more information please contact Laurie Tyree

Registration form.


Some things you should know…


Kinderenrichment follows all South Orange/Maplewood Board of Education school closure policies. There are no classes when the public schools are closed. On days the public schools have delayed openings, we will open an hour late at 10:00 AM. All parents will receive a school calendar, listing those days school will not be held prior to the first day of school in September.


I include my phone numbers and email on most messages. I welcome you to call or send an email with questions or concerns, or speak to me briefly at arrival or departure. Once class begins however, I need to focus on your children and our daily activities. I am happy to speak at length with you outside of school hours.

Daily arrival and departure

The door opens at 8:45. Please sign your child in and out.


We play outside or in the “big room” every day. Please send your child in shoes that allow for running and jumping. Boots, Crocs, sandals and dress shoes can hinder movement activities. On cold days it is a good idea to have a sweater or hoodie in addition to a jacket to wear.


Children will bring a lunch from home each day. Typically, we eat our lunches at 11:15am.


If your child will miss a day of class due to illness please let me know that morning by calling my cell phone before 9:00. If your child will miss more than one day, please notify me with an email.


A persistent cough and runny nose interfere with a child’s capabilities at school and spread germs that infect others. A day or two of rest at home is advised if these symptoms are present. When your child has a fever, please wait until he/she has been fever free for 24 hours before returning to school.

Discipline Policy

As children learn to move through the activities of our day, they also learn what behaviors are appropriate or inappropriate at any given time. In the context of a small group and with constant teacher interaction, gentle reminders guide children effectively to understand how to work and play harmoniously with others. I believe, as did John Dewey, (see Democracy and Education Chapter Ten “Interest and Discipline”) that a child’s desire to behave appropriately is driven by the degree of their interest or their desire to participate in class activities.

Conflict Resolution

We practice a conflict resolution method to settle minor squabbles among our students. In doing so we teach children to communicate more effectively with each other in order to avoid or resolve problems. For example, a dispute arises in the block area between 2 or 3 children. A teacher will approach them or call them over. Each child is given a chance to say their side of the situation. While that child speaks no one else speaks until the child has said everything they wish to say. Each child and then the teacher take their turn in this way. Once everyone has spoken, children have a better sense of their friend’s point of view and can come to terms with what is fair for both.

Person of the week

Each member of our class will be celebrated as Person of the Week. It is a wonderful way to get to know each other and give each child their moment in the spotlight. When the week is over, a Person of the Week poster and a Person of the Week book will go home as a souvenir of this special time.


Feel free to send in a special treat for your child’s birthday to be enjoyed after lunch that day. Please do not send party invitations to be distributed in the folders unless everyone is included.

Show & Tell

Every Friday, children may bring something to share for Show and Tell. They can keep it in their cubby.

Assessment and Progress Reports and Conferences

I assess my students three times, in September, January and May. Parents will receive a copy of these assessments soon after completion. I would like to meet with you after each report has been sent home. We will meet in the classroom at a time that is convenient for you either in the afternoon or evening.

Class Trips

We will experience at least five trips together throughout the school year. We will visit Hillview Farm, Papermill Playhouse, Liberty Science Center and The Great Swamp Outdoor Education Center. Parents will be notified well in advance of each trip. I will need volunteer drivers and escorts.

Homework policy

I try to make homework easy and fun. I always go over the assignments in class before they go home so they should be familiar. Your child will usually know what to do. However it is important to review the homework with your child to be sure he/she understands the task at hand. Occasionally there may be written directions that your child will need help reading to refresh his/her comprehension and get focused.

I strongly encourage you to start building good study habits now. Find a place (the kitchen or dining room table maybe) that is quiet but not isolated and a time when your child is not tired or hungry. It is best to do homework on the same day it is given. Establish a place for your child’s homework folder. A spot near the door that your child can reach is good. This puts him/her in charge of putting the folder away and retrieving it when it is time to come to class. As soon as homework is completed, put it back in the folder and put the folder in its spot. Repeat this routine faithfully and it will become a very good habit.

Homework should take no more than 15 or 20 minutes. If that amount of time passes and your child hasn’t finished, put it away and try again the next day. If your child is having a problem with homework, please let me know so that I can help.